Meet Ola

Ola Hawatmeh is a business owner, designer, philanthropist and conservative activist.

As the daughter of Christian immigrants from Jordan, she has a unique understanding of what it means to pursue the American Dream, and she’s running for Congress to ensure that the freedoms and ideas that make our country great are preserved for the generations to come.

Ola has been recognized as a top local female business owner and “Most Influential Woman.” She founded her first company in 2004, Mom Me Makeover, a company that specializes in makeovers to help others look good inside out.

With her early success, she founded her first charity Makeover for a Cause where she works with other nonprofits to donate makeovers. Ola has helped countless teenagers battling cancer, taking them shopping and giving them hair and makeup makeovers to restore their confidence.

Ola went on to establish her fashion design company, Ola Style. She remained committed to giving back to the communities she serves and has done numerous charity fashion shows around the country.

After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018, she created Survivor Fashion Week, where all of the models are breast cancer survivors and all the clothes worn during the show are donated to charity.

Six months after recovering, Ola co-founded the Middle East Women’s Coalition, where she has spoken on Capitol Hill about critical issues facing our country, and which has endorsed President Trump’s reelection.

Ola sits on the board of several additional organizations as well, and has been a dedicated volunteer at nursing homes, assisting hurricane relief efforts, and she also donates makeovers to disabled veterans and their families.

Ola is a graduate of Marist College, where she received her degree in Communications. Ola began her career as a Production Assistant with Fox TV and worked in Marketing at the F.D. Roosevelt Museum in Hyde Park.

She has also produced and directed several documentaries on a variety of topics, including Middle Eastern affairs and child psychology.  

Ola is the proud mother of three boys.