Below is a summary of the policy positions for Ola Hawatmeh, including her stances on the economy, immigration & border security, national security and veterans issues, the 2nd Amendment, protecting life, education, and combating socialism.

America’s Economic Prosperity

Even as we face unprecedented challenges from the global health crisis, the base of America’s economy remains strong.

The economy will recover, the Stock Market will bounce back and we will come out of this stronger than ever.

Ola supported the tax and regulatory reform passed by the Republican majority because it has done exactly what conservatives said it would – Create more freedom and prosperity for all.

Unemployment is at a historic 50 year low, wages are rising, middle class families are paying less taxes, retirement plans are stronger than ever and over 5 million jobs have been created.

Now, radical liberals in Washington want to undo all of this incredible progress. When Ola gets to Congress, she will oppose any attempt to raise taxes, and will protect the pro-growth policies that have kept government out of the way of small businesses and other job creators.

Border Security & Immigration

As the daughter of Christian immigrants from Jordan, Ola is a first-generation American and has a unique understanding of the unique freedom that for which America stands, and why it is so important for those seeking a better life to go through the proper legal channels.

Our country has an immigration emergency, and we need to push the politicians in Washington to do the right thing and reform a broken system that has failed us.

We also need to use every tool in the box, including building a wall, to secure our borders and restore our ability to know exactly who is coming into our country. And we need to finally put an end to sanctuary cities so that not one more innocent life is lost because of these dangerous policies.

Our first priority needs to be to keep America safe from gangs like MS-13 that exploit the system and cause harm against innocent people.

Protecting Life

Ola is 100% Pro-life and believes life begins at conception.

She will always fight for the lives of unborn children and is firmly against providing federal funds for abortion providers like Planned Parenthood.

Defending Our Second Amendment Rights

Our rights to defend against tyranny is enshrined in the Constitution through the 2nd Amendment.

The left has made it crystal clear that their agenda is to erode these freedoms and take away guns from law abiding citizens who seek to defend their families and homes.

In Congress Ola will fight back against this, and preserve our right to bear arms.

National Security & Veterans

America’s adversaries do not rest, and we must always remain vigilant against those who seek to bring us harm.

ISIS continues to be an ongoing threat and we need to ensure that our troops have all of the resources they need to defeat them once and for all.

Ola is committed to stopping the spread of nuclear weapons in countries like Iran and North Korea.

We will continue to work with China on fair trade practices, and stand up for U.S. interests in Asia.

We must combat Russian aggression and stop election interference from any foreign nation.

And Ola supports efforts to bring a peaceful end to the long war in Afghanistan.

Ola also strongly believes that we must honor the promises we make to our brave men and women when they come home. She supports ongoing efforts to reform the VA healthcare system to ensure that our Veterans have easy access to the highest quality level of care.

Ola also supports job training and other initiatives that connects Veterans with employers when they are ready to reenter the workforce.

Protecting Our Children

Our children’s future is at stake, and nothing is more important to Ola than preserving the prosperity and opportunities available to us today for the generations to come.

We need to preserve local control over our nation’s schools. Parents and school boards know better than the federal government what is best for their communities. There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to education, and we must empower local leaders to teach their kids properly without political correctness and indoctrination.

Beyond our schools, Ola is gravely concerned about the vaping epidemic that is harming so many young people today, and we must develop a comprehensive strategy to ensure that not one more life is lost because of this.

Combating Radical Socialism

The America that we know and love is under attack.

We are locked in a battle of ideas, and socialism has gained a foothold because liberal extremists like AOC’s Squad have taken over the Democratic Party.

Their “Green New Deal” and “Medicare For All” proposals represent a complete government takeover of America’s economy and our everyday lives, and will make our families completely dependent and indebted to the government.

Ola is committed to making sure that doesn’t happen.

We need to get America’s debt under control, not spend trillions of dollars on these programs that will burden hardworking families with new and higher taxes. Ola strongly supports a Balanced Budget Amendment that will force the government to live within its means.

And we can protect our environment in a responsible way that doesn’t require a massive transformation of our country and cause major disruptions in our economy.

We need to preserve our freedoms, empower our fellow Americans to live up to their God-given purposes, and stop the failures of socialism from ever taking over our country.

Bail Reform:  Stop Letting Criminals Go Free

New York’s bail reform laws require “non-violent” defendants to be released without any bail requirements. Thant’s just wrong.  The NYPD has already cited these laws as one of the main reasons why major crime statistics have soared in February 2020. The NYPD Commissioner called it a “public safety emergency.” 

Not requiring bail means defendants are more likely to skip their Court dates. We’ve seen instances where suspects in rape, robbery and assault cases have been released and are fully capable of turning around and committing more crimes when they are released. And the Courts are completely powerless to do anything about it. An estimated 91% of defendants are eligible for this program which means the risks to our families and communities will only continue to grow if we don’t put an end to this outrageous policy.


10 years ago, we were told by the Democrats that Obamacare would fix our healthcare system. And yet here we are in 2020 with many of the same problems. Democrats now argue that we need to go even further towards a government takeover, and this is something that we just can’t afford.

Instead we must reopen our healthcare system to the free market and allow for greater competition which will drive down costs. Allowing healthcare plans to be sold across state lines, repealing all Obamacare mandates except for the pre-existing conditions protection, greater cost transparency, creating high risk pools, lowering the costs of prescriptions, and ending fraud and abuse are all things that can be done to properly reform the healthcare system to actually bring down costs for our families.